Russian Circles

Russian Circles


Russian Circles
16 Apr 2022
Pont Rouge
Monthey, CH
Russian Circles @ Pont Rouge
Doors: 19:45
Ticket: 27chf
Le Plantaud 122
1870 Monthey
Russian Circles
17 Apr 2022
Rote Fabrik
Zürich, CH
Russian Circles @ Rote Fabrik
Doors: 20:00
Ticket: CHF 35.00
Seestrasse 395
8038 Zürich
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Russian Circles named their 2016 album Guidance in reference to the uncertainty of the future. It was a fitting title for the times, with the album coming out a few months before America’s tumultuous presidential election, but it was intended more as a reference to the band’s own absence of a blueprint as they navigated their second decade as a band than as a social commentary. If there were questions as to how to move forward as a musical unit or individual doubts as to how to continue toiling as artists in the underground, the three years of relentless touring on the album only served to reinforce the Sisyphean struggle of artists. With their latest album Blood Year, Russian Circles forsake the sonic crossroads of divergent musical paths found on albums like Guidance and Memorial to offer up the most direct and forceful collection of songs in their discography.



Russian Circles
Russian Circles "Death Rides A Horse"

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