Dino Brandão

Dino Brandão


Dino Brandao
27 Mar 2024
Bee Flat im PROGR
Bern, CH
Dino Brandão @ Bee Flat im PROGR
Turnhalle im PROGR Speichergasse 4
3011 Bern
Dino Brandao
10 Apr 2024
Dresden, DE
Dino Brandão @ Beatpol
Altbriesnitz 2a
01157 Dresden
Dino Brandao
11 Apr 2024
Jazz Tibet Club
Olomouc, CZ
Dino Brandao
12 Apr 2024
Vienna, AT
Dino Brandão @ Fluc
Praterstern 5
1020 Vienna
Dino Brandao
13 Apr 2024
Kino Šiška
Ljubljana, SI
Dino Brandão @ Kino Šiška
Trg Prekomorskih brigad 3
1000 Ljubljana
Dino Brandao
15 Apr 2024
München, DE
Dino Brandao
16 Apr 2024
Heidelberg, DE
Dino Brandão @ Karlstorbahnhof
Am Karlstor 1
69117 Heidelberg
Dino Brandao
18 Apr 2024
Esch-sur-Alzette, LU
Dino Brandão @ Kulturfabrik
Rue de Luxembourg 116
4221 Esch-sur-Alzette
Dino Brandao
19 Apr 2024
Schorndorf, DE
Dino Brandão @ Manufaktur
Hammerschlag 8
73614 Schorndorf
Dino Brandao
20 Apr 2024
Fribourg, CH
Dino Brandão @ Fri-Son
Route de la Fonderie 13
1700 Fribourg
Dino Brandao
21 Apr 2024
Le Trianon
Paris, FR
Dino Brandao
23 Apr 2024
Brudenell Social Club
Leeds, UK
Dino Brandao
24 Apr 2024
Strange Brew
Bristol, UK
Dino Brandão @ Strange Brew
BS1 3DB Bristol
Dino Brandao
27 Apr 2024
Nantes, FR
Dino Brandao
30 Apr 2024
Le Brise Glace
Annecy, FR
Dino Brandão @ Le Brise Glace
54 bis Rue des Marquisats
74000 Annecy
Dino Brandao
2 May 2024
Le Rocher de Palmer
Cenon, FR
Dino Brandão @ Le Rocher de Palmer
1 rue Aristide Briand
33150 Cenon
Dino Brandao
3 May 2024
La Sirène
La Rochelle, FR
Dino Brandao
4 May 2024
Laval, FR
Dino Brandão @ 6par4
177 rue du Vieux Saint Louis
53000 Laval
Dino Brandao
5 May 2024
Lille, FR
Dino Brandão @ L'Aéronef
Avenue Willy Brandt 168
59000 Lille
Dino Brandao
14 May 2024
Zürich, CH
Dino Brandão @ Helsinki
Geroldstrasse 35
8005 Zürich
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Identity does not mean being one and the same, but several at the same time. Angola and Switzerland at the same time. Flying and falling at the same time. With his music, Dino makes heads swirl and the splinters of his identity fly high. With a choir, Dino Brandão remains a cancioneiro. He spreads out the small map of the pop music world in shifting proportions. He has an eye for baroque, ornamentation and old percussion, plays on foggy synthesisers and kicks his drum machine, dancing on the broken pieces. Delightfully tangled in all directions, Dino Brandão can be all this without losing himself, whirling on the shards of his reflection.

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Dino Brandão - Bouncy Castle (Official Video)
Dino Brandão - Bouncy Castle (Official Video)
Dino Brandão - Decoration (Official Video)
Dino Brandão - Decoration (Official Video)
Dino Brandão - Pretty (Official Video)
Dino Brandão - Pretty (Official Video)

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