Cass McCombs

Cass McCombs


Cass McCombs
6 Oct 2022
St. Gallen, CH
Cass McCombs @ Palace
Blumenbergplatz, Zwinglistrasse 3
9000 St. Gallen
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Maybe a minutepassedbeforeI knew I’d besinging“Karaoke”for the rest of my life. Thesecondsong onHeartmind,thetenth albumby Cass McCombs,“Karaoke”is a god-levelburstof power-pop perfection,asfetching as anythingCass hasever cut.Thespringystaccato guitar,thevaporizedelectrickeys, themelodyseeminglybornforsinging orclapping or dancing along:Casstriangulates a perchof hisveryownoutamongTheGo-Betweens,The dB’s, andThe Cure,andvibratesthere, a beacon.And then, of course, there is the song’s playfulifpainful lyricalconceit—the lover who is makingallthesacredmotionsofcommitmentbut whose feelingsmaybeno more deep or real than someonesimplyreadingthe lyricsfor“Vision ofLove”or“Standby Your Man”fromsomecrowdedbar’sTVscreen.



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Cass McCombs - Full Performance (Live on KEXP)
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