District Five

A Tree In A Field Records

Represented by: Théo Quiblier, Christian Fighera


All in their twenties, the four young men are currently a top tip on the Swiss jazz scene. Whether flowing calmly along or sweeping weightlessly through the expanses of ambient soundscapes, whether the concentrated energy of free improvisation shatters the song structure or eruptive clusters of sound and hard-edged grooves emphasise the physical aspects of the music, the multi-layered sound art of District Five is compellingly direct and builds up a hypnotic momentum.

District Five are:

Xaver Rüegg - double bass, synth bass

Paul Amereller - drums, electronics

Vojko Huter - electric guitar, synth, vocals 

Tapiwa Svosve - alto saxophone, synth, vocals


District Five
Akustik TerrasseSchaffhausen CH


District Five – «u never said much» | m4music Festival 2021
District Five – «burning city»