Brandão Faber Hunger

Two Gentlemen

Represented by: Patrick David, Théo Quiblier


We are: Faber, Sophie Hunger and Dino Brandão gathered for our first collaborative album "Ich liebe Dich", released in December 2020. This album is a love manifesto, a collection of 12 original songs in Swiss German dialect, recorded in August 2020 at the La Frabrique Studio, Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, France. 


Ich liebe Dich: a phrase that sounds like the beginning of the world and yet remains almost untraceable in the Swiss-German musical tradition. This is an attempt to bring love back to the centre of reality.

Our desire: to contrast the coldness and distance of our time with warmth and security. We do not want to sacrifice the heart in the path of reason, but to demonstrate its eternal superiority. So that an "I love you" is easier to say.

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Brandão Faber Hunger - Derfi di hebe (Offizielles Musikvideo)