Big Business

Joyful Noise Recordings

Represented by: Théo Quiblier


Big Business is a two-piece rock band from Los Angeles, CA.

There's plenty of volume and feelings for party screaming, solo screaming, or just getting through what you're going through. 

Jared Warren sings and plays bass, keys and loops. Coady Willis plays drums and bells and also sings sometimes. 

Big Business began in Seattle, WA in 2003. They have 6 full length albums, the latest of which is called THE BEAST YOU ARE and it came out in April 2019. Check it out!

Fun Facts: Jared and Coady moved to Los Angeles in 2006, and in addition to Big Business they joined up with THE MELVINS and toured and made albums with those guys for about 8 years. How about that? 

Big Business is currently making new music, touring the world, and coming to a town near YOU in 2020!! 

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