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How did Nostromo - one of the most unique and ferocious metal/hardcore band in Europe and legends of the swiss scene – and after an unexpected reunion, manage to record 6 new incredibly brutal tracks, more brutal even than when they were at their career height?

Flashback to 1998: the Geneva metal scene is growing and together with their mates Knut, Nostromo puts the famous Swiss neutrality to bed for good. Their first album « Argue » reveals them as one of the biggest promises of european extreme music, and earns them a contract with Overcome records. Within 4 years, with their EP « Eyesore » and following album « Ecce Lex » they perform their surgical grindcore on the greatest stages, and tour endlessly with the likes of Napalm Death, Slayer, Converge or The Dilliger Escape Plan. In 2005 they break up leaving behind the feeling that something is incomplete.

After more than 10 years apart, in 2016, Nostromo publish an accidental reunion photograph on social networks and although the band didn’t intend to get back together, immediate gig proposals pour out. The legendary Hellfest opens a great space on their 2017 line-up, while Gojira – early days Nostromo fans – offer their support act on their french tour. Carried away by this unexpected enthusiasm, Nostromo officially reunite, deciding on not just performing live but also bringing in new recordings.

In 2019 « Narrenschiff » has arrived: a promising record that displays the band’s renewed power and strength. A 6-track EP recorded with an obsession for detail by Johann Meyer (Gojira). Beastly, suffocating, imperial – “Narrenschiff” is the hardest and most extreme record they’ve put out to this day. From the very first seconds of « The Drift » - a track that bites you in the neck like a triggered Doberman - everything is here: the aggression that Nostromo is capable of in 2019 is hugely impressive.

Nostromo has something to catch up on, something to prove, because they have been away for more than a decade. Also because they had to recruit a new drummer: the obvious choice was Max from band Mumakil – a grindcore master also from Geneva. This new arrival has injected an extra touch of urgency making « Narrenschiff » infinitely darker.

Inspired by Strasbourg’s native poet Sébastien Brant and his work « la Nef Des Fous », Narrenschiff evokes the madmen who were exiled on boats during the XVth century. It’s a reflection on the band’s life for the last two years, embarking on a terribly exciting adventure which sometimes seem like madness to others, or some sort of escape, or a lost battle against death. The record naturally ends on an excerpt from the original work in german, performed by a surprising guest: Rodolphe Burger – french songwriter and ex-leader of band Kat Onoma.

Lad Agabekov – Nostromo’s bass player – has mastered his last record.

Between their first stormy records to this present hurricane, there is not a single sign of respite and this EP has a haunting fury that feeds into songs like hateful “Superbia”, then grows into fiery “As Quasars Collide” and mercyless “Septentrion”. Nostromo finally seals the deal with “Narrenschiff” displaying an unheard version of them, more determined and driven as ever, ready to finally claim that crown they should have inherited a long time ago. 

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NOSTROMO - SUPERBIA (Official Video)
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