This is in no way related to the third card (‘The Empress’) in the Tarot of Marseille, but rather to an imaginary episode that saw Giorgio Moroder, Cerrone, Air, and François de Roubaix gleefully stuck together in a DJ booth. Founded by keyboardist Charles de Boisseguin, this Parisian quintet revealed by the Internet in 2012 loves disco and cocktails, vintage synths and sexual innuendo, art cinema and kitsch aesthetics. Result: the singles “Vanille fraise”, “Erreur 404”, and the exquisite “Agitation tropicale” breathe into Francophone pop the sexy airiness of which it has too often been bereft since the 1970s. With sexy 2018 debut album Matahari in hand, Her Imperial Highness is ready to play the card of seduction


L'Impératrice ♗ VANILLE FRAISE (edit)

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