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If the emblem of Wand’s Plum was the stark blue cloud—a con- densation, a linking between longing molecules, data hungering for more data, a flotilla of vapor between eye and sky—then Wand’s new EP reeks of something more forceful, more seduc- tive, more intoxicating, more insidious: this is “Perfume.” Here are seven electric hues, shocks of light that flagrantly provoke the dark, a posy’s clutch of purple, fuchsia, green and snowy white that curl against a stench of plague.

Recorded between tours and fire seasons in Grass Valley, Cali- fornia, by Tim Green, “Perfume”’s potent, expansive tunes were mixed in Woodstock, New York by Daniel James Goodwin. The band features Sofia Arreguin, Evan Burrows, Robbie Cody, Cory Hanson and Lee Landey.

There’s a kind of return here, a haunting, the déjà vu you only take in through a curious nose. Your nose invites the world in- side your skull. A familiar fragrance finds you when you thought you’d let a lover go, but it won’t linger like a lover, flickering away with the breeze toward a yawning future.

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