Fai Baba

A Tree In A Field Records

Represented by: Théo Quiblier

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Fai Baba lives and works in Zürich, Switzerland. He‘s part of a new generation of international blues avant-garde. Fai Baba‘s songs inspire to all sorts of genre flogging: monster-boo- gie, toxic folk, garage-blues, psychedelic country… And that‘s what rattles the bones at his gigs. One is seldomly confronted with repetition, a lot of music is given a way – raw, distorted, pumping, flying and crawling, beaten. Fai Baba leads the blues through a gigantic caleidoscope and straight into the eye of freedom.


Fai Baba
MusikfestwochenWinterthur CH


Fai Baba - Nobody But You
Fai Baba - Full Performance (Live on KEXP)