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Free spirit Molécule’s latest meta-sonic adventure led him north to

Greenland. Upon his return, he produced a concept album — -22.7°C

— named after the lowest temperature recorded during his trip to

the confines of the Arctic Circle.

In keeping with his previous sonic project, 60°43’ North, a five-week

odyssey aboard a trawler in the heart of the North Atlantic Ocean,

-22.7°C springs from the same creative dogma: getting out of your

comfort zone, confronting an extraordinary environment, capturing

sounds and composing an album in situ without a single note being

altered once the expedition is over.

It took three days for Roman Delahaye to reach Tiniteqilaaq, an

isolated Inuit settlement on the east coast of Greenland. He brought

with him his electro-survival kit — a home studio featuring

keyboards, synthesizers, drum machines, and most importantly,

highly sophisticated microphones with which to capture the sonic

atmosphere of his new ecosystem. For thirty-six days Molécule

roamed the sea ice and fjords, searching for sounds and — most

importantly — impressions from a radically personal, human


The Arctic with its stunning aurora borealis is a place of contrasts —

blindingly white, abysmally silent. And yet, though its décor might

appear pure and innocent, the northernmost part of the earth is in

truth a highly hostile environment, in which simple survival is

relentlessly demanding.

Out of this voluntary exile emerged a taut and contemplative album.

At once concrete and cosmic, Molécule’s techno was transcended by

this voyage to the end of the earth, in a kind of mise en abyme of

the quest for self-knowledge. With -22.7°C Molécule delivers the

adventurous and immersive soundtrack to a re-connection with


-22.7°C is an audio sound album and transmedia project with an

accompanying book of photographs and letters, a documentary film,

and a virtual reality experience.

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