Alela Diane

Rough Trade / Musikvertrieb

Represented by: Théo Quiblier


August, 2017. 

My first memories are of falling asleep to the sound of my father’s guitar in the kitchen. I taught  myself to play the instrument through song writing  when I was 19, and still come back to those  familiar finger picked styles when I write. I come  from a little pine -tree filled gold mining town  called Nevada City, California, but Portland, Oregon has been home for twelve years. Early  recordings were made in 2003, while going to college in San Francisco, and I have been releasing albums every few years since. I’ve toured all over the UK and Europe, and have  driven circles around the vast United States enough times to know better. I write about life,  about love, about loss, I've dreamt songs, and I'vebeen painfully nostalgic in verse. I’ve tried  many sounds: stripped down acoustic to full band and back to basics again. I’ve learned a lot  about my voice over the years, and it's grown and changed with me, for which, I am grateful. 

My fifth solo record, Cusp, was recorded while pregnant with my second daughter, and will be  released in early 2018, when I can manage to tour again. 

I look forward to sharing it with you. 



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White As Diamonds
Moves Us Blind